Getting Ready

I have been working hard at getting some paintings finished or nearly so in preparation for the remodel project. The kitchen will be closed off for two weeks or so; we will have the microwave and the coffee maker in the dining room where I presently have a stack of paintings awaiting finishing touches.

Since the last posting I have changed the square ones which shouldn't surprise anyone. I just don't know enough to know right away what I want to do. The are not good photos but better ones will have to wait.

After I buy another canvas I will add a yellow and green one and do some some further work, but that will have to wait.  The one below benefitted from some critique from Sandy. She follows critique with telling me why something should be done so I can learn for next time (we hope). I feel that the piece was improved. Did you notice that it has been turned upside down? when things aren't "pictures" you can turn them any way you want!

Dean is in the basement making room to  store stuff that is under the porch in a little entry area while the porch is removed and the new room built. I will try to be sure that enough laundry is done so that I don't have to be down there in the mess that is sure to happen. Things will be topsy turvy for a while so you might not hear from me. Then again I might be posting twice a day just to hang on to my sanity!

Thanks for letting me share with you. 


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