Art, (socks) and my good news

I have been doing a little painting in preparation for Sandy's coming here for a lesson and critique. These square paintings are acrylic on canvas, 12"x12". That dark on the top one is purple. I can't decide whether it should be this way or be turned. I guess that it really doesn't matter. 

This one (below) is acrylic on paper. There are inked lines around all the shapes. You can see them on the right side if you look closely. I have done this for years but not at this scale (22"x30"). Lots of little fine squiggly lines to follow. 

One of my more outstanding outfits was worn over to church for acolyte training and to get a haircut. The shirt says "National Blood Donor Month". My hair is now Very short. Really. Very. Short. 
 It was just barely too long when I had it cut and she got a little carried away.  It will grow. It will grow.                      Thank goodness it will grow!

Red socks for the above outfit, dark ones for today when I played cleaning lady along with Vicki at a house we have bought to rent. Don't want to be slum landlords, after all, but the house is old and is taking a lot of cleaning as well as some repair. I know that my being a cleaning lady might occasion some giggles from at least a few of you.

The Good News? Dean signed a contract with a builder to start on the kitchen/porch/laundry room renovation. It won't be finished by this young man, but I have high hopes that the laundry will soon be upstairs in a clean room!! Can you tell that I am thrilled? I truly am.

Went to the blood center for apheresis (gave platelets) today for the first time. I will do it again, but it was a strange feeling. In one arm they drew blood for about 40 seconds and then returned it for about 20 seconds. It makes you a little buzzy feeling, but it wasn't bad and they need the platelets for people  undergoing treatment for cancer whose platelets are destroyed by the medications. It was something I could do.

I will give you a report on the critique of my art. The girls at the blood center want to see it. I wear my "Give Blood" T-shirts to paint, as does Vicki, and we have told them that.

Thanks for your time.



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