A little of this, a lot of that

Here is what there is a little of - pictures of the small South Carolina town that Sara and Greg live near. The largest building is an auction house but I didn't photograph it. There is also a lovely old house which might be a B&B or Inn, or might not. It is beautiful and tasteful and the decorations were just right. It was cold when we went to town, though, and I didn't get all the pictures I wanted.

I hope that this little mound is the grave of a pet and not a memorial to someone who was hit by a car while crossing the street. There was no marker, just the flowers beside the sidewalk on a lot between two buildings. 

Below are police stations, old and new. The new one is not much larger than the old but it probably has internet, etc. as well as electricity and phone lines. 

Below is a handsome building that was once the town hall. On the side  face there are windows trimmed in a burnt orange color. Very nice with the bricks. The building has been a restaurant, an office building and many other things. Check out the sidewalk.

And here is the library. I haven't been in it but intend to go. It is hard to think that their collection is extensive, but one should not judge a book by its cover or a library by its storefront. It is rather cute. 

 Below is what there is lots of. Jenny came for a few days and helped me go through things. This batch is going to the Goodwill. There is still much to be disposed of and Jenny has agreed to come back and help again. In return I am going to her house to help her with some heavy cleaning. We emptied old  boxes that have made many moves and got new ones for the Christmas decorations; I will be packing them away on Saturday, the 12th day of Christmas. As we explored the backs of closets and the "attic" I found things I had forgotten about. There were things bought on a whim which have lost their appeal. There were things that have been duplicated. There were things that just don't work in the new house. You might understand. A few more sessions like this should result in room to store things we want to keep and use and a sense of lightness and freedom to be out from under all that stuff.

 For one of my Christmas presents, Vicki gave me some Inktense color sticks. In the middle of the night I played just a little with them. This is all dry but can be wet for a different effect. The sticks show a lot of promise, even if the drawing does not. I look forward to playing with it.

 Now I need to get to the painting, which has been ignored over much of the holiday season. I did envision a new piece last night and got up to sketch it so I wouldn't forget but I have to look at it in the light of day to decide if I want to commit to it. My resolution this year, my word for the year, is "deepen" and I want to deepen the thought that goes into my work as well as the other parts of my life. Do you have a word for the year? Please share it with me if you do.

Please feel free to comment or just to let me know how things are going with your endeavors.



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