Pot Pourri

Wednesday was the last art class of this session. We had a "show and tell/critique"so each of us could see what the others have been doing and offer any suggestions we had for finishing the piece. I was very encouraged by the reception given my work. Sandy mentioned how bad my first efforts were (not in quite those words; she was kind) and how I had improved when I began finding my own style. There was some really good work there; the best thing is that there is no competition but a real willingness to have everyone shine.
I almost hate to show you these photos, because they are not good. The lighting in the living room at night is not adequate at all and I haven't brought in my easel to set up in a better place. Lazy me.

I guess that you can get an idea, however. I have made my next pour with very different, pastel colors, but it is not dry yet. Maybe next time. I must look at it for a while to find what it will be.

When I showed you the blossoms around the neighborhood, I forgot to show the roses which are blooming like crazy to get in one last show. I particularly liked this color.

And, FOOD. OUr neighbor has a pear tree so we have a wonderful supply of pears. Here are some that were cut up, sprinkled with cinnamon and a little brown sugar and put in the oven. Yummy! Last of all, an orchid from my Saturday lunch at the Murphy Chop House in Murphy NC placed in a bowl of cut up cantaloupe. The colors make me happy.

We have a freeze warning for tonight. Cold weather is not my favorite, but I know that some of you are glad to see it appear. Your enjoying it so makes it bearable for me, so enjoy away!! I will do the same for you next summer!

XOXOXO, Caroline


Unknown said…
Yes, your work was well received and it was some of your best work. You are obviously finding out what type of art you enjoy painting and it is good. In the top painting, have you decided that is the direction you wish to hang it or will you put hooks on every side? haha
Anonymous said…
trying Caroline

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