My Studio helper

You just never know what the day will bring, do you?

Articles in magazines which feature different studios sometimes have pictures of the artist's studio helper. The helper is usually a dog or fluffy cat. Today I had a studio helper... He was on the side of my water container and I noticed him when I rinsed my brush.  He was patient with my taking his "portrait" and  crawled around for a long while then he was gone - and my neck started feeling very exposed. Sara was stung by a wasp this summer and it was not pretty. My neck kept feeling very vulnerable and a little creepy; I finally gave up and came in the house. Several of his friends were with him and I think that tomorrow we might have to spray or I will have to wear long sleeved, high-necked shirts with long pants and a veil!

Here is the girl. Who needs her mother, a guy  anyone else. Since I took this photo I have evened out the sky, but I didn't get another photo. Too many "helpers" around.
I finally like this and might just keep it. It needs some fine tuning, but then again, don't we all! Don't think that Mona needs to worry (even though I heard today that a  younger one has been found.)  This face is a somewhat impressionistic. In fact, the whole thing is, just a little. A moment in time caught in paint.

I am re-working two other pieces and have hopes for them. Isn't it nice to have hope!!

Thanks for reading and I hope that your day (or night) is great. 


Unknown said…
I am ever so glad you have a helper and you can keep your helper; no need to share with me!

I worked on my blog today at the library and was very aggravated that the pictures would not post and I hope I do not have that same problem at home.

Arrived home to find my yard being mowed. What a lovely sound!!! Perhaps I'll get a photograph of the Bijou.

The girl is absolutely better by herself; I would never have thought of that option! Can't wait to see it once you work on the sky.
I love the way you keep working on a painting until it is better and better. That takes character.

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