It is not all about my painting here. For the last several days I have been searching for my favorite earrings, bought at a jewelry store on Sanibel and much more expensive than my usual earrings. I couldn't find them anywhere and they are my favorites. They look good on the suede mouse pad, don't they? Even better on my ears, though.

I found them here in the outside pocket of my shoulder bag. I think that I had worn them at Sara's house and picked them up and put them in there so I wouldn't leave them there. I thought that I had looked in the purse but I had evidently skipped over the outside pocket. If you are going to search, do a thorough one. That is my new mantra. Having found the earrings I began looking for the pair of jeans I had misplaced. Now misplacing a pair of jeans isn't as easy as loosing track of a pair of earrings, but I had done it. I had been looking for days, maybe a week or more. I wanted to wear them. I even looked to see if I had taken them to the studio to hem them (nearly everything is too long for me, even petites).

I looked upstairsin the closets and storage. 

I looked downstairs in the laundry area

I looked in my closet where I had looked many times before. This time I walked in there and really looked and lo and behold, the jeans were hanging there. They were hanging by the cuffs and I usually fold my jeans. Being very dark blue, they looked like a pair of black trousers. I had passed them by several times.
Artists are supposed to be observant, but in this case I was always in too much of a hurry. I think there is a lesson there. I hope to remember it.

To close, here is a flower that Dean picked off a vine on our neighbor's fence. It looks rather hibiscus
 like but it grew on what he called a vine.  What do you think it is? I think it is pretty but don't know what I should call it.

I have taken a few days away from the studio but will return tomorrow and I hope to have more to show you then. I have been reading some books by Rita Mae Brown who mixes fox hunting with  all sorts of  political, social, and theological thoughts. It is an interesting mix and I have learned a lot about fox hunting, hounds and riding. It made me want to get on a horse again. Probably not a great idea. I will keep taking the jumps vicariously.

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Caroline said…
It is Rose of Sharon, a type of Hibiscus. I thought it might be but didn't know until a little Internet sleuthing revealed the answer

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