There's an App for That

Despite having been born to and raised by two of the cleanest and neatest people ever to inhabitant this earth, I am a slob.  I just didn't get the neat and clean gene. Is not that I don't like neat and clean and want it, but that, like an absent minded-professor, I have my mind on other things and just walk over and around things instead of seeing them. I have tried all sorts of methods from 3"x5" cards (Sidetracked Home Executives) to Flylady to long lists to get me on the right track but to no avail. Finally, there's an app for that. 

This is designed to help you with your routines and ...*TaDa* you get STARS for doing things. The stars go away magically during the night and you begin again the next day. My routine is very basic; most of you would laugh at it but for me this works.  Gotta love those stars!!

You spend a minimum of 15 minutes working a a Zone.  I have someone to come in and shovel us out every other week, so my zone work is the strange little things that Lissette doesn't have time to do.

 For only $5.00 I am in business. Nothing is perfect, but all is getting done. Wow.

Daily drawing was a chair. As usual, Vicki chose a complicated one and I went with easy. AND, I think that this painting might be finished.
Please ignore the pinkish part; it is an artifact and not part of the painting. I am full of ideas for the next pour and painting and am ready to work on those flowers. Yesterday and today I have done a little cleaning in the studio and rearranged a few things. Not quite finished. Do you suppose that if I find the perfect arrangement I will suddenly become a great artist?  Nah, I don't think so either, but it will make working easier.

Back to the routines and all the other.. Just remember, when you hit a wall, there is probably an app for that!


Unknown said…
It is very interesting that you have the same focus zone for a week at a time. We are so different. I would have had a Monday zone, then a Tues. zone and so on. Of course, I don't have any zone so I am not very efficient and just do whatever seems to need attention or whatever I can manage to make myself do.
My chair was not more complicated than yours and more importantly, it was not nearly as good as your. Actually mine was pathetic!
Good luck with your new plan of organization...hope you will be able to zone in while I am zoning out! Haha
Caroline said…
Here's the problem. I didn't show you the whole thing. There are also weekly routines that include vacuuming and dusting and cleaning the toilet and all that. The zone things are like cleaning out a drawer or getting the cobwebs, or doing the baseboards. The little extra stuff that you don't do every week. Does that make more sense now?
Chrissy said…
My childhood was chaotic - Mum was ill all her life - with not much housework done when she couldn't cope. Result: 3 daughters who are extremely organised.

But though I hate housework I do it because I hate the alternative more. I keep lists and love crossing jobs off. Have to be careful not to impose my need for order on anyone else.

This drawing-a-day business: I've missed out on who Vicki is and your routine. Is it a class or just a personal thing you do together?

Nice chair!

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