When you can make it better

Don't you like it when you do something that you know isn't great and later you figure out how to make it better? I am talking art here, but it could be cooking or cleaning or whatever. I drew a girl. She wasn't good and I knew it but she stayed this way for a while. Finally today, after messing with her on and off over several weeks I think I made some headway.
She still is not a beauty, but then again, some of us are not, and at least she looks better. This photo is cropped rather tightly but her whole head is in the painting. Pastel on watercolor paper.

Here is something else I did today. I spent quite a while having fun in the studio. I will never be an award winning artist or make a living selling my paintings but I do enjoy making them. The center of this one was painted about two weeks ago on deli paper and today I mounted it on watercolor paper and finished it up. I like it, but I don't expect that everyone will. Acrylic on deli paper and watercolor paper.

Here is an impression of a little rubber stamp I carved. I like the informality of this; I think it looks happy. I might use it on a note card but I so seldom write notes these days! This was stamped on my desk top blotter, hence the stray yellow and other colors.

I hope that you enjoyed these little efforts. I certainly enjoyed painting/carving/stamping them.


Chrissy said…
The change in your pastel portrait is striking. She has expression and life now.

The rubber stamp is gorgeous! I'd be using it everywhere - envelopes and letters (if you still write letters), fabric and journals.
Vicki Styons said…
I have subscribed to your blog. I don't know why I didn't do it earlier. Saw your comment on TTFK and followed it to your blog!!!
Caroline said…
TTFK is Tall Tales from Kansas.typepad.com, a great blog.

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