And on to the next item

The papers have been gathered from the porch, opened,  stacked and are in our recycle bin ready for transport to the recycle center. A big check mark on the to do list! Yea me!

Now it is onward and upward. What about scraping peeling paint off the porch ceiling? Straightening the linen closet? Tackling that storage room upstairs? There are many from which to choose. No dearth of projects at this house and there is always the house in the mountains to tackle. I need a nap just from thinking about all that needs to be done.

I also moved my "nest". Do you have a nest where you sit and read or write or draw or watch the TV? Mine was on this sofa but the dogs wanted to share it and got in my way so I moved to the chair.The flowery box is my art supply box for the evening fun time. I do the "serious" work out in my studio. "Serious" is here a technical term for "other".

I thought that I had killed this lucky bamboo when I gave it a drastic haircut but look at its new little sprout!  It might make it despite my loving care. Loving neglect seems to work better for me.

Look at this tiny iron I was given. All black inside. Don't know if someone has used it as an ashtray or if it was really filled with coals and used to iron ruffles. Would that be tedious or what? Next time I start thinking of the "good old days" I will look at this and be glad that I live now.

On last thing. You should be able to enter your e-mail address at the top right of the blog and receive an e-mail whenever there is a new post. AND, I have learned how to answer you when you comment. Having gone round and round with the computers that are blogger (no people there evidently) I finally won. Old dog, New tricks. Yea!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.


Chrissy said…
I've signed up. Thanks for that - these little things certainly make life easier.
I wish I could reply to my comments but Dotclear don't seem to have that facility.

I'm sure your little iron would have been put to good use. My Granny had one a bit similar, only you heated it on the range (it was solid) and then spat on it to test whether it was hot enough. I expect everyone knows about that but we used to be horrified when we were little, seeing spittle dancing about.
Caroline said…
Yes, because we certainly weren't allowed to spit!

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