When will it end? All this killing, this greed, this name-calling and shaming and denigrating. I am sick every day when I look at the news. At the same time, I can't seem to stop looking. It is making me depressed and making it hard to function. I had cut back on my serotonin re-uptake inhibitor(Lexapro) but have had to go back to the full dose. More information than you really wanted. Sorry, but it is what is on my spinning mind.

There were few days in the studio this week, although there was an exhibition opening that included one small and one large work that was well-attended. One of my sister's pieces was the first sale and there were two others, not mine, but there is always a chance.

Tomorrow night is the Civic Arts League meeting and there is a better than even chance that I will be elected treasurer. Well, actually it is all but certain as there seems to be no other candidate. It won't be a hard job and I like the other officers. some of the meetings, however, are a little wacky.

This large piece that I keep working on but never getting to the place of feeling finished received a few strokes tonight and I have an idea of a what else I want to try. One of these days (or nights) it will be finished, but not this night

Then there is this little piece. I have been experimenting with it, trying to see how to give information without being too precise. This doesn't feel quite right yet, but I will try again. Since it is on a board, I might just turn it over and go again.

I do hope that by the next time I post I will have done some good painting and will be in a better frame of mind. Tonight I read about a fundamentalist preacher who says that meat substitutes are a way that "they" are trying to change human DNA so that people can't be saved by Jesus. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


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