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This month has been so hard. We are finishing with 4" of rain today which was good for the horrible fires but also brought tornadoes and deaths. I hope that December is a better month.

Painting has been hard with all else that was going on, but I have done a few things.
 I know that this car is wonky, but you should have seen it earlier! I might have to have yet another go at this and maybe go a little larger. This one is 5"x7".I think that what I like about this scene are the lights.  The street lights had not yet come on, but the traffic lights and the brake lights looked very warm.
This is a 30"x30" rendition of a 4"x4" I did earlier. The photo was taken as we were boarding the ferry in Settle on our way to Victoria.  I don't see many sunrises - not my time of day! This was done in acrylic using the palette knife.  I have another that I plan to enlarge; I have several larger canvases left from my acrylic days that aren't really of a qualit…

I'mmm b-a-a-a-ck

What with the nasty aftermath of the election and the fact that east Tennessee, northwest Ga, NC, VA, and KY are on fire, I just haven't had the heart to do much of anything. Add to that a misunderstanding with a neighbor and - whoops, there goes the blog.

Everything that I can do anything about is better now and I am back to painting. The "one a day" thing is not going to work out, I think, but I will be doing a few a week. One reason for not being able to paint one a day is that I need more pictures and with all the smoke there are not many good photos to be made. Neither do I want to sit outside breathing it for several hours while I paint from life.

Of course, the fact that oils take about a week to dry does not help. Finding a place to put them all is beginning to be a problem!

So here are the latest. I took a photo looking down the street to town, intending to paint it. It was just so hazy and indefinite that it ended up being a country highway. Ha.

I will try the …


This painting is from a photo I took of the intracoastal waterway passing through the marshes of glynn (county GA)We have been working on atmospheric perspective. 
Busy day today. Things are starting to pick up on the construction project. Tomorrow we are going to the UT/TN Tech game which should be very interesting. It is a home game for UT and I have never been to Neyland Stadium. I think it will be an experience.
All is well,  XOXOXO, Caroline