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Enough hibernation

I was hoping that it wouldn't get so cold for this round, but it is. I am ready to come out of hibernation.  Mama bears, when they come out for the spring are really grouchy and if things don't change soon, I might get that way myself. So here is the update and I will have to tell you that while there is good news there won't be any wonderful pictures unless you are interested in:

My new shower curtain. The liner snaps off just below the net part so that it can be washed without washing the whole thing. Clever, I think. 
My flower arranging. Dean bought this vase is Japan when he was in SE Asia and this is the first time I have ever put anything in it. It was his mother's and she kept it in a curio cabinet; I never thought about any practical use for it until yesterday. 
This vase is a Jane Peiser piece that I have used often. 
If those things don't interest you, how about: The laundry that Dean brought home from church for me to wash. I have become the laundry wom…

The good news

I was so busy being "cute " about things that I forgot the important things. My sister after a mammo, a magnification mammo(those REALLY hurt) an ultra sound, an MRI and a biopsy was found to have no cancer. Thank goodness.  My brother sailed through having his right carotid roto-rootered with flying colors ( he was in the navy so that seems apt) and is resting up to begin a new round of teasing us half to distraction. 
We give thanks for the skill and persistence of doctors, nurses, technicians and all who made this possible. 
All is well,  XOXOXO Caroline

Night time and other things.

Today was the second day of wonderful weather - not quite warm, but definitely not cold. Shirt sleeve weather we call it. What a treat. Just a moment ago I stepped out on the little back deck. The black tracery of the tree branches against the grey-blue sky was a lace of wondrous beauty, the air smooth as silk against my skin. The passing of cars a block away was a quiet murmur. I love going outside at night - even if it is cold, but especially when nights are like tonight.  Lots of big trees lost limbs in the snow/ice, but ours escaped any damage I can happily report.

Sister Vicki is thinking strongly about some redecorating and , of course, I just had to get involved, too.
Here is a corner of her room with a tablecloth thrown across the sofa to give us an idea of a light color. We were liking it, but it wasn't quite right. She finally decided that something like this might be a starting place. 
Lighter walls, light sofa, pink and teal splashes of color in throw pillows . Most li…

apology, addendum and appreciation

After thinking bad thoughts about weather forecasters, meteorologists and prognosticators of all kinds for much of the day yesterday, their predictions came true. Late in the day it began to snow. And  snow, and snow, and snow. By late evening we had snow on the roads and in the yards and trees and everywhere and it was falling, now heavily, now finely, now just flakes meandering down, but not quiting. The reflection from the street lights, security lights and porch lights made the evening as bright as a rather grey day. I took pictures from the front porch with no tripod and no flash.

This was taken about nine o'clock at night. I think that you could have read a book out there but that it was a little chilly and damp.  The Nandina got a little weighed down. This was also taken about nine o'clock PM I took this standing at my bedroom window about 9:55. 
Taken out my bedroom window at 9:55 last night. 

Looking out the dining room window a few minutes later. 
This morning the tr…

On a slushy day

This winter is so strange and today is among the strangest. We are at the northern border of the storm that is brutalizing the deep south and here there is just a mix of weather. Rain one minute, snow another, freezing temps, thaws, right now snowing heavily but not all that cold. Just weird. Wet roads, drippy snow. Not really pretty or fun, just messy. 
I set up this little vignette and photographed it but then didn't use the photo that I had edited! On the other I cropped out the shim under the cabinet and the upper cabinet along with the wire that will provide power to an undercounted light. I also edited out the electrical outlet. Why didn't I use it? You would have thought that I had it all together and now you know the truth! The last, with the ones above, of last week's flowers. I try to keep them until they are GONE. The little bowl in front of the vase was my mother's - a wedding gift. Is is a mustard bowl? Might be.  Same thing taken the night before. I coul…

And the designing begins.

Today we got out my 200' tape measure and my 25'Fat Max tape and a clip board and made a measured drawing of the back yard. Dean drew them up on his computer. I will be making other working drawing as I work on the design.

The pink is the driveway we share with our neighbors, the lavender is the garage and the addition as well as some steps to the basement (the little narrow part) and the huge Hackberry tree. The brown is the proposed stairway and landing to the studio; the green is grass or garden in new places. The little lilac square in the green is a trellis or some sort of shelter over the gate to enter the yard. You can see that I have been doing a little sketching on the printout. I was wondering if a third car could park and not be in the Harper's way. I think that can work, with care. 
There was grass here before and Alyce and Alan had planted hostas around the tree. I just hope the beautiful hostas survived. At least some in the very back of the yard did. Thank …