Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sleeping and night time

When Dean and I moved to Cleveland, we bought a new mattress. It was a good one, made with the new technology of the time "memory foam". After a while, we realized that what the mattress remembered was the places we slept and each year the impressions of our bodies recovered more and more slowly and were deeper and deeper. Comments by our children made us realize that we were sleeping in what amounted to hammocks. Pillow top mattresses can't be flipped, of course, so of to the mattress store we went. Our new mattress is rather old school. It has no memory and no pillow top but it can be flipped and turned. Old-fashioned sleeping -- all through the night.

All this made me think about beds through the years. If you look at wills from the 1800s, "beds" were often passed along in wills. Strange, I thought, but then I realized that what was passing was what we would call the mattress. They called the wooden part the bedstead, and the mattress part the bed. What made beds so precious that they were passed down? Well, for one thing, men owned everything and whoever was the executor off their estate could sell the bed right from under the widow. But I think that the main reason was in the bed itself.

A bag had to be woven for a mattress/bed. It had to be sturdy, with heavy threads that would hold up through seasons and years. Some beds were filled with straw. My guess is that they had to be fairly firmly filled and that the straw had to be replaced yearly. Have you ever spread straw in your yard? Scratchy, to say the least. Stuffing a mattress would have been a real job.

Of course the luxury beds were feather beds. How long do you think that it took to gather enough feathers from a family's chickens, geese or ducks to stuff a whole bed? Just to stuff a pillow would have taken quite a while. Maybe the best idea would be a straw bed on the ropes that ran across the bed and a featherbed on top of that. I don't really know, so if you do, please share! The whole thing makes me appreciate who we went, bought, awaited delivery, put on the sheets and now have a firm, comfy mattress for a good night's sleep
On to art. Here is another broccoli study; this one is in low light.

Here is the night time painting that followed.
Painting the light in front of the tree was quite a challenge for me. I am going out at night and looking for a scene to photograph to do another one. 

All is well and all will be well and all will most certainly be well, 


Wednesday, February 22, 2017


One of the things we did to study the effects of differing lighting situations was paint this stem of broccoli. It went like this:

First the broccoli is strong light.
Then we blocked in the pecan tree. 

then the tree painting

I did mine on a gray day and did not get the colors as intense as they should have been.  It leans a little too much also, but if you pretend that it is a bonsai.... 

All will be well, 

End of February

 I posted in November  now February is almost over. It is hard to believe and yet so much has happened. I have been rocked by deaths of both famous and not famous at all but very dear to my heart and memories. I have been in online classes and an in-person workshop which I enjoyed immensely but which took time and concentration. A rat (yes, a RAT) set up in our house and took lots of planning to catch and days of cleaning and hours of being upset. (He is gone, never to return. Turns out there are rats around many houses here in town). There have been birthdays and family gatherings and regular life. Regular life. Is there anything regular about life that we should take it so for granted?

And every day at all hours the politics of the time. I know that Presidents are often disliked by the opposition party but with Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump, the dislike has taken on more and more anger. Now anyone with a computer or a smart phone can tell the world (or FaceBook) how angry they are and many seem to be beside themselves with anger. Telling truth from propaganda is becoming more and more difficult as each side says that they are right and the other side lies. There is now" alternate truth" and there are" factual errors. " My English grammar teacher must be rolling in his grave, tweeting "SMH."

So this blog will be about Art and more specifically my art if you will.

I painted lots of landscapes for the classes I took since that is what the classes were about. Now I have to decide what I want to paint. Living in the city, I don't have a long view landscape handy most of the time. I have painted the sidewalks and yards of tWorth Street but I don't know that I want to keep on painting them. Different times of day, different seasons and it is still the same. Repeating is not easy for me - never has been.

So, landscape, still life, people, Jaguar convertibles, buildings? What is it to be? For starters, here is a little view of a block in our town. I will be posting the class paintings as I go.

Yes, there are windows and doors, but at this angle they are nothing but lines. 

If you have any advise, I would be glad to read and consider it. 

All is well and all will be well, 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This month has been so hard. We are finishing with 4" of rain today which was good for the horrible fires but also brought tornadoes and deaths. I hope that December is a better month.

Painting has been hard with all else that was going on, but I have done a few things.
 I know that this car is wonky, but you should have seen it earlier! I might have to have yet another go at this and maybe go a little larger. This one is 5"x7".I think that what I like about this scene are the lights.  The street lights had not yet come on, but the traffic lights and the brake lights looked very warm.
This is a 30"x30" rendition of a 4"x4" I did earlier. The photo was taken as we were boarding the ferry in Settle on our way to Victoria.  I don't see many sunrises - not my time of day! This was done in acrylic using the palette knife.  I have another that I plan to enlarge; I have several larger canvases left from my acrylic days that aren't really of a quality worth keeping so I plan to reuse them. 

This is another redo - this time of the beach at Tybee Island when we were there last March. I think that I might need to darken the water a little. 

Here is to a great December for all of us. I hope that your Advent Season will be a time to fine peace and to prepare for a wonderful Christmas.

All is well and all will be well,

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'mmm b-a-a-a-ck

What with the nasty aftermath of the election and the fact that east Tennessee, northwest Ga, NC, VA, and KY are on fire, I just haven't had the heart to do much of anything. Add to that a misunderstanding with a neighbor and - whoops, there goes the blog.

Everything that I can do anything about is better now and I am back to painting. The "one a day" thing is not going to work out, I think, but I will be doing a few a week. One reason for not being able to paint one a day is that I need more pictures and with all the smoke there are not many good photos to be made. Neither do I want to sit outside breathing it for several hours while I paint from life.

Of course, the fact that oils take about a week to dry does not help. Finding a place to put them all is beginning to be a problem!

So here are the latest. I took a photo looking down the street to town, intending to paint it. It was just so hazy and indefinite that it ended up being a country highway. Ha.

I will try the photo again, but I might need to take another before I do. 

This is one I had painted before of the marshes in Glynn County, GA. Mary G, my online teacher suggested that I give it another try. I  like this one better. Now I can get rid of the first and use its space! Actually, I think that I could get rid of the one above it also, since it is rather boring and mundane, but I wanted to show you what happened, and I like the way the sky worked out. 

I have been doing a lot of walking lately and I am hooked. I really like it. I love being outdoors, but I am not a camper or a hiker, just a walker. Walking in the neighborhood is fine; walking in a park or a garden is a special treat. Surely we will get some rain before to much longer (it has been since late July or early August since we have had anything of note and we usually have lots) and the fires will be put out and the air will clear and photos will be in order again and I can walk and walk.

I am not sure that I can type "all is well" right now because so much is not well, but in my heart I know that we will come together or enough of us will to make things better. 


Friday, November 4, 2016


This painting is from a photo I took of the intracoastal waterway passing through the marshes of glynn (county GA)We have been working on atmospheric perspective. 

Busy day today. Things are starting to pick up on the construction project. Tomorrow we are going to the UT/TN Tech game which should be very interesting. It is a home game for UT and I have never been to Neyland Stadium. I think it will be an experience.

All is well, 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

and another

I find that my space bar is not working properly and it is very aggravating and  it slows me down enough to make me grit my teeth. At our house, today is pirate day.Arrrgh!  

Here is another of this week's paintings (actually,THE other) I was looking across the yard two doors up at the light on the grass and the leaves. It is fairly abstract,but I was trying for a sunny fall day feeling, not a portrait. A portrait of the space  I could do with the camera much better than with
paints. I hope that this is a beautiful day for you.

All is well,