Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jury - Art and Court

Last Friday I reported to the courthouse to find out about my impending jury service - four months but only about 12 days and I will probably only have to actually go in on one or two days. Interesting. Since it is summer term and they realize that people have vacation plans, I can call next week and tell them about the days we plan to be gone and I will not be called on those days. I can live with it.

As to another jury, I sent four things to be juried for the MMIA shows. All our paintings have to pass jury, a jury of our peers, who examine the painting and tell us where it lacks (or doesn't) then we rework  (or not) and submit it again and if it passes we can enter it in our next show.

My style varies considerably but this time I submitted four pieces. Two were passed and two were not.  One that did not pass is the banner on this blog. The lines were not straight and there were a few other things. I am in the process of making changes. Lots of measuring and taping to get straight lines!
Here is the other one when first finished. 

I added the micaceous iron oxide drips before it went to jury.

The jury said that it needed more work (they are good) so I made some changes. Now I have to decide whether to take it back to jury or not. Decisions. decisions.

Meanwhile I have bought some new canvases and have new paintings dancing through my head. 

Dean has been busy replacing our leaking toilet and we have been moving everything out of the garage in preparation for building a new one. More on that later.

All will be well

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tybee Island

We just got back from a lovely week on Tybee Island, visiting our son-in-law's mother and helping her pack to move to TN. The weather was warm and lovely , the company was great, the food was delicious and we had a wonderful time. We went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah - our first time andpaybe the last but I would like to go again if I can. We went to Savannah College of Art and Design to see their current exhibit which is most interesting , and we took walks on the beach. We ate at some great places and slept with the sea breezes wafting in the windows.

We also helped to clean up a plumbing problem, as well as packed some boxes and pulled a trailer down and back. It was the least we could do, under the circumstances. I took some pictures which my computer doesn't want to accept and did a very little painting. As a watercolorist I am a fair acrylics painter.
Looking out the bedroom window in the morning and out the living room and eaten area windows at any time we often saw ships heading up the channel of the Savannah river. 

Each of the little rectangles on the ship is a container that people sometimes use as houses or that fits on the back of an 18 wheeler. The command tower is nine stories tall from the deck. I can only imagine how big the ship is below the water line. 

Here are my two pale and slightly crooked (the image, not the painting) efforts at capturing the scene. That was the walkway we take to the beach. Sandra Bullock has a house two down from here but she was not and rarely is in residence. 

All in all is was a magical week and restorative. As a bonus, when we left only daffodils had bloomed and now there is color everywhere - Redbuds, pears, cherry trees, dogwoods budding out, grape hyacinths, violets, pink hyacinths, tulips - the world is full of color. 

All will be well, 

Monday, March 14, 2016


Well, I took five paintings to be hung for the show at North River Civic Center. Each member of the group took five and the committee hung a very good show. On Sunday we had an opening reception ( I was out of town). My sister, Vicki, sold one of her paintings! I was happy for her. I was also green with envy. It also set off all kinds of questions in my head about "why?" Not that her painting wasn't good. It is. But you can't help but wonder; was it the subject? the colors? the technique? the artistic vision? What makes one painting sell and another languish? I guess that the questions are not answerable, but I can't help but wonder. It also makes me question whether I should continue painting but there is an answer there. I don't think that I can stop. I would stop showing, but that would not help much either. AND, the show will hang until the end of May; perhaps there are more buyers out there!

Tomorrow I am going to attempt a little water color sketch of the walkway to the beach. Water color is not something I have done often but it should be interesting to give it a try. I promise to post the painting and a picture of the real thing. Sorry that there are no pictures tonight.

All will be well

Friday, March 4, 2016

Catching up

It has been quite a while since I have posted but I miss telling someone, even if it is the air, about what is going on.

Tomorrow I am taking five paintings to a show in Hixson, TN, a suburb of Chattanooga. It is exciting although so far these shows have not been a great place to sell paintings. There is always hope, however. Tonight I have to check them for information on the back and to be sure that they haven't gotten banged up, et.

I posted on FB that I have moved the studio into the house and it was a very good move. There is light, heat, and a nearby complete with running water and a toilet. Coffee is only a few rooms away. It is wonderful. Sometimes when I can't sleep I get up and come in here to work a while. I would never do that at the old studio.
Here are some pics of the new studio at its best.

Look what happened to the path to the old studio door about 15 minutes after I left. 
I still have some stuff up there but I must really need it desperately to drag out enough stuff to get through and be able to carry things out!

This is one of the pieces  hat I am finishing up on. It is on cradled board(board with a frame behind it), 16" high by 18" wide, mixed media.  It should have the last little touches this week and then it will be for sale. It will also go before the jury to see of it is good enough to be in one of our shows. 

Speaking of jury, I just got summoned for civil circuit court duty. The term is (wait for it..) FOUR MONTHS! It won't be every day and the lady I called said that I won't have any trouble going to Sanibel for two weeks, but that is a long time! I hope that it is interesting

All will be well, 

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Last week I painted four(4) canvases and I like them. I won't say that they are finished because as long as they are in my possession they are open to more work.
You might have seen this one on FB although I have added the little circle near the bottom left. I painted the background that wonderful orangey yellow thinking that I would paint marigolds, using the yellow and painting in the other colors and leaves. In fact, I chalked in the flowers to see how they would fit but then decided that I really wanted to do an abstract so I made the line on the left and smeared it out. After that I made that shape to the right, added the shape at the bottom and then added lines wherever they seemed to belong. The drips were made by spraying the paint when it was wet. It didn't seem quite finished so , the next day after thinking about what was lacking, I added the circle (it is a kind of greenish and metallic color) and I am finished. It has not been named as of yet. 

This was the third piece and it was inspired by the silhouettes I see on our bedroom windows every night. They have always fascinated me. There is not much to it - a still tree on a stormy night. You can see peacefulness through the opening in the clouds. 

This piece was also inspired by silhouettes. This is the shape of the stuff on my desk, although it has been changed to suit my needs. 

If nothing else, these paintings show how the most simple things can become the basis for art. Once all art was dictated by myths, legends or Bible stories. Now some artists chose to portray the simple everyday things, some choose scenic landscapes, there are many pictures of copper pots or old tools or cars  or any part of life. Some artists choose to express their feelings in color and brushstroke and  some abstract items down to their basic shapes, putting them together in new and sometimes strange ways. Others and I am in this camp, use shapes and colors to find a composition that feels and looks good to them. 

Here is the start of another piece. Do you recognize the tree limb?

I thought that some red might be good. 

A little more red.

No more tree trunk. A little more red and another circle. 

A few more minor changes. Can you find them?

A completely different (and upside down) work in progress. There are almost certainly many changes in store for this

Thanks for reading, All will be well, 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The End

I don't know how people who blog everyday for years do it. I have posted over two hundred times, (212) believe it or not and have gotten about 25 or so comments since my one blog buddy in France moved back to England and her her family. How do those bloggers find time to do so much? Just younger thanI or just more organized?

I still find myself taking pictures and thinking of things I would like to say, but I think that I will just keep a journal or diary and not post- although I did have some deep thoughts today that were blog worthy but they had no pictures and most people only look at the pictures anyway.

I have enjoyed these little chats and, as ever, I would love to hear from you. I am still painting and working on the house and taking care of the hound dog and Bella, and Dean is getting better but still is not supposed to lift more than five pounds so I am still doing the heavy lifting (what a hoot).

I still believe with all my heart that all will be well.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

summer days

Summer days seem to fly by so fast. Oh, who am I kidding - at this age all days seem to fly by. Yesterday, though, was a day fuller and longer than usual. What made yesterday long?  When I was putting away freshly laundered sheets I looked in the linen closet and was horrified to see mold on the walls.

DH's shoulder injury from months ago still prevents him from doing many things so I knew that the demolition, at least, was my job. I emptied the closet, putting things on our bed. (Why I didn't immediately clean off other surfaces and put them there is a mystery. )I got my trusty little hammer and started in. The first shelf came out fairly easily but for the next I had to cut the caulking and use a big brass hammer - it took both hands. I am sure that my hands, which have never regained all their strength from after the wrist breaks a few years ago, are stronger now!. The third shelf had been cut a little short ("measure twice, cut once" was not applied ) and the caulk was a huge rope. By this level I was on a ladder and thinking mean thoughts. The topmost level was a piece of cake, thank goodness. 


In my bedroom

and more

and a little more

The shelves have to be stripped and cleaned with bleach. There is always fun to be had around here. After the shelves were out I ripped out the thin masonite on the wall and discovered this. 

The culprit. When A/C was added it was not insulated. The grey and white is the A/c to the upstairs (where it almost cools one room) and the tan is the back of the living room wall. Thank goodness there is no mold there!

This is what I had planned to do. Ha!But there will be another day and actually, I sneaked a few minutes in the rocker with my glass of iced coffee this morning. 

All will be well